Strong leadership boosts performance


SIMBU administrator Joe Kunda says strong leadership has made Chimbu one of the top performing provinces in the country.
He said elected leaders in the province have good partnership and got along well with each other.
“Strong leadership is the pillar that driving development,” he said.
“In the last five years, we’ve maintained number one spot. Part of our success is that we also have a good partnership with our service providers and development partners.”
Kunda reiterated that the provincial government believed in partnership with the churches, government and other key agencies at the forefront in delivering health, education, infrastructure, business, agriculture, tourism, sports and other services to the people.
He said the provincial government has budget provisions for the service provider agencies.
“Government has so many responsibilities to cater for. Some of the departments in the provinces are neglected, therefore, the provincial government has to intervene.”
Kunda said every year they wanted to do better and they have to be consistent and stay focused to drive the motivation.
“We emphasise to the leaders to remain committed and intact as a team to drive development agendas in the province.”
He said the leadership of Governor Noah Kool and his development theme of “Going rural,” special attention was placed on bringing basic services like roads, business opportunities, better education and health services to empower people in the rural areas.
Kunda said the provincial government has been fully utilising the provincial monitoring and coordination programme.

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