Student leaders show courage in apologising


READING the UPNG student leaders’ paid advertisement and seeing apology is encouraging.
Leadership is not anybody’s business. It is a call of duty to serve.
It means being aware of likely consequences of decisions and actions.
Admitting that former student leaders were not better prepared for consequences of their leadership we see for the first time common sense coming out.
The recent Supreme Court ruling on the UBS loan directive by the Ombudsman Commission and its referral to the Public Prosecutor of our Prime Minister is a clear statement yet the students were used by vested outside political interest.
This is where the former student leaders need to admit who had influenced them to lead their students astray.
Other than this it is good to see young leaders take courage to admit wrongs.
Humility is the door to wisdom.
Fear of God is beginning of wisdom. Serving one another is love of God in action. Being remorseful is allowing God to lead.

Prophet, via email

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