Students must get right training


I AM totally disappointed with the Governor for Central Province, Kila Haoda, for spending more money on sponsoring Central students undertaking unnecessary courses and training.
Governor, you are doing well for sponsoring our students to study and train abroad and within Papua New Guinea but some courses they are undertaking will never benefit our province.
Note that Central does not have airstrips and airlines so why you sponsoring students to undergo pilot training and other irrelevant courses?
After their training or studies you must give them ample time of two to three years to work in Central.
You should sponsor students studying medicine, agriculture and teacher training as these will benefit Central province.
For instance, doctors and nurses will work in hospitals to treat patients, teachers will educate students and agriculture specialists will to teach farmers.
Also consider unemployed youths in the village and not by only involving them in sports but also sponsoring them in vocational schools to do welding, carpentry, mechanic and plumbing courses.
Central Province hosts the National Capital District, which is the seat of government and business.
However, our rural people continue to live like their ancestors and there is little tangible development in remote districts like Goilala.

Kendy Kila
Rigo, Central

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