Our students need to change their mindset, lift standard


It is now very obvious that many students depend entirely on the material that their teachers give. This is not wrong. But here is a fact.
Students have the capacity to learn as much as you can even out of the materials that your teachers give.
Some researches have  shown that 25 per cent of the necessary knowledge to either pass tests and examinations comes from the teacher. The other 75 per cent comes from the students.
A teacher can stand in front of the classroom and teach. But it is the students who will put the lessons into practice in study.
Discovering the full potential of individual students is necessary to take this country to the next level.
Why am I stressing this point?
The common practice of many students of this era is, if they have completed the task that their teachers had given them, they stop there. They don’t  try to delve more into their work.
Our students’ minds seem to be programmed in a way in thinking that teachers will give them everything they need to pass their examinations.
That is not true. Let us get out of this type of mediocre thinking.
Our country needs us, the students, to rise beyond our moderate level of thinking and create a better tomorrow.
I challenge the students to start thinking about alternatives of self-learning rather than  depending entirely on the teacher.

Glen Burua,
Divine Word University,

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