Students need to focus on education


IT IS a grave concern to the country as most students nowadays do not see the importance of their education anymore.
Laziness is the greatest barrier that the pupils of this country need to overcome.
Studying is no longer important to a lot of neophyte in schools and this is not a minor issue.
Believe it or not, the population of this country is exploding each and every day and the land in which many are depending on is becoming scarce.
This is why more emphasis should be put to education beside other options to sustain life.
It is also noted that the education system of Papua New Guinea looks like a triangle. At the lower level, it is wider.
This means that in elementary and primary levels, there are lots of students attending schools around the country. As you go higher up the triangle shape, it narrows.
This means that the count of secondary school students decreases and even more less when the students reaches the university level. It may seem nothing to some but as a patriot of this country, I do not see this as a minor issue.
If this is not addressed, we will have more illiterates that literate people in the country. And the worst part of it is, we will become slaves in our own country serving foreigners who come to make money in Papua New Guinea.
We as the people of Papua New Guinea need to step up our education sector and make sure our students graduate with higher tertiary school certificates. There are lots of ways to do this.
We can either build more secondary schools or change the education system of Papua New Guinea for the better.
All in all, the students should take the responsibilities to their own hands.
Ending up in Universities is none other than the students’ hard work and determination.
If laziness grasp holds of our students, then studies will no longer be the priority. Social media, boy girl relationships, alcohol and drugs have taken most of the invaluable time away from the pupils.
For these reasons, I call upon the parents, community elders and education authorities to address these issues at their respective levels.
In order for the students to be successful in their education, we all need to collaborate together and encourage the pupils to achieve their goals in life.
However, the students themselves will determine whether they will be successful in life or not through their personal commitments and hard works.

Glen Burua
DWU, Madang

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