Students showcase PNG culture


ABOUT 40 PNG students attending the Griffith University (Nathan Campus) in Brisbane participated in a cultural gala night last Saturday.
These included PNG students born and raised in Australia.
A fashion show saw Western Highlands traditional dressing (both male and female), Eastern Highlands (female) dressing and two girls in bilum dresses.
A Buka dance was accompanied by a bamboo band and dancers from outside as well as Griffith students.
An executive from the Griffith University Papua New Guinea Association club and a student leader Emmanuel Kiddie said: “I can easily speak on behalf of the club and say that the performance and the exhibition of the PNG culture on the night was exceptional.
“Griffith University is undoubtedly one of the most diverse universities here in Brisbane. So it was a chance to showcase our beautiful culture to the world in a sense,” she said.
“In addition to displaying our culture, we felt a great sense of identity and pride.”
“It was a reminder of our home country, how special we are and the importance of sticking together as PNG students here.”

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