Students told to improve


MOROBE tertiary students, who are recipients of the government-sponsored Gerson-Solulu scholarship, have been told to improve on their academic performances.
Provincial education chairman Andrew Gena said the Morobe government was spending a lot of money but it did not see any positive results.
Gena’s call came after Morobe government allocated K1 million for the scholarship programme.
“The Morobe government has, so far, spent about K70 million on this programme but didn’t have proper records of how many students have successfully completed their studies and found employment,” Gena said.
The Gerson-Solulu scholarship programme was started in 2013.
It was created to get students from the nine districts to attend nursing and teacher’s colleges and other skills areas and return to serve in their districts.
“But overtime, we have deviated from the original intent and purpose of this scholarship programme,” Gena said.
“We are now including university students and other tertiary institutions and we do not know whether these students graduated and returned to serve Morobe.”
He said another problem was that an increasing number of students under the scholarship were not taking their studies seriously and faced all sorts of disciplinary problems.
“We are thinking of involving the district and the parents in paying the students tuition fees in the future,” Gena said.
“Parents are not paying, it is the provincial government who is shouldering all the burden—this is not right.” he said.

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