Subscribers comply with SIM registration: Firm


SUBSCRIBERS have been complying with the SIM card registration regulation, according to bmobile-Vodafone chief executive officer Sundar Ramamurthy.
This follows the recent passing of the National Information and Communication Telecommunications Authority Cybercrime Bill and the SIM Card Registration Regulation.
Subscribers are required to register their details with NICTA licensees within an 18-month period. “Registration is ongoing as it’s always been for bmobile-vodafone where subscribers can come to the kiosk for that,” he said.
“The 18-month grace period is for people who have been using mobile phones for the past 10 years or so.
“Before this law came in, people have been using mobile phones since 2007 and registration wasn’t mandatory.
“Now with this law all these people who are currently on the network have 18 months to register, otherwise it will stop working after that given time period. We have not had a single complaint from anybody (on the registration).”
Ramamurthy said registered information would be securely stored with bmobile-vodafone and only be made accessible if ordered by a court.
“The NICTA Act is very clear and we always have a lot of propriety information on what calls are being made and when this calls are made by a subscriber and none of this accessible without a court order.”

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