Subsidy payments for Philipines-based students ready


THE Rabaul district tertiary fee subsidy committee is preparing to make final payments for its students studying in the Philippines this year.
In a meeting recently, out-going chairman and deputy district administrator Hubert Wangun informed the committee that funds were available for second semester payments, however, disbursement would be done upon receipt of acquittals of first semester payments and transcripts.
Wangun said about 15 students benefitted from the subsidy scheme and payments for this academic year’s tuition fee would be paid in semesters depending on the students’ academic results in the semesters.
He said almost K100,000 will be paid out in subsidies for the Philippines-based students before the end of this year.
President of the East New Britain Students Association in Philippines, Dennis Bola has been informed that most students have yet to send their transcripts and acquittals.
Wangun said a survey was required to ascertain whether the subsidy scheme was serving its intended purpose to cater for less-privileged parents in Rabaul district.
He handed over the chairmanship of the committee to Rabaul district education coordinator Caspar Ruga who was elected unanimously.
The committee intends to increase its budgetary allocation to K1.5m from K1m this year but that will have to be decided by the Rabaul district development authority board.

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