Suburban league nears regular rounds completion


THE Port Moresby Suburban Rugby League heads into round 16 this weekend at the Kone Tigers Oval.
After this round, the competition would be left with three more rounds before the finals.
Marane K-Rats lead the competition after defeating the Betari Falcons last weekend.
League chairman Bosky Koke said most of the senior grade games had been moved to tomorrow and Sunday and would start at 1pm.
The only women’s game tomorrow will be a curtain raiser for the men’s A grade match in the afternoon.
Koke said the league was now on the cusp of the finals and he would not tolerate teams slacking off in on-field indiscipline or in their other obligations to the competition.
“We’ll punish any team that doesn’t show up in numbers to take the game which they are scheduled to play,” Koke said.
“Rugby league has 13 players on the field and I want to see all 13 men in the field.
“I won’t have a choice but to call off a game if a team does not have its team line up fixed and turn up with less than the expected number of players.
“By this time, we all should take our competition seriously as it is not only education that will make you someone in life but rugby league can take you there also.
“It can surely take you to places that you have never seen.”

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