Success of vessel day scheme adds value


ENDORSEMENT of the Parties to the Nauru Agreement’s successful Vessel Day Scheme fisheries management system by Pacific Island Forum Leaders at their recent annual summit in Pohnpei provides a boost to PNA’s initiatives to add value to the tuna fishery.
In their communiqué, Pacific leaders devoted nearly two of the 12 pages to fisheries, underlining the significant role this resource holds for the Pacific islands.
“Leaders acknowledged the good work of the PNA in achieving significant increased economic returns,” a statement said.
They endorsed the recommendation of a fisheries task force “that there is no need to change the management of the purse seine Vessel Day Scheme in the future.”
The fisheries task force was established following last year’s Forum summit and comprised representatives from PNA, Forum Fisheries Agency and the Pacific Community.
During the past year, PNA devoted much time and money addressing concerns about the Vessel Day.

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