If you are successful, take it to the next level


SUCCESS is what we encounter almost every day and so do failures.
It saddens me as a patriot of this nation to see students graduate with degrees and then do nothing better.
What I mean is that, for many of our students in colleges and universities once they have their certificates of honour, they think it is the end of learning.
Why am I saying this?
The reason is because when we stop learning and exploring our full potentials after graduating, or after getting a job, it is like the country freezes.
Papua New Guinea moves when its citizens move.
This nation flourishes depending on the success of its people. Even this country fails depending on the failure of the people that are living in it.
Therefore, if we graduate or even find jobs thinking that that is the end of learning, then we are without doubt becoming frozen citizens.
Take it to the next level my friend. Your current success or failures depends on your past choices.
If you are already successful in some ways, why not take it to the next level.

Glen Burua
Divine Word University

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