Sunday versus the Sabbath


I USED to go to Baptist Church on Sundays.
But to my Baptist friends and other Sundaygoers, I’d like to inform you all that Sunday is not a day of worship. It is the first day of the week.
Because Luke 23:54 tells us and I quote: “It was Friday and the Sabbath was about to begin.”
So Jesus was crucified on Friday by the Roman soldiers. Jesus rested on Sabbath as the Law commanded (Luke 23:56).
Jesus rose from the tomb early on Sunday morning (Luke 24:1).
Therefore Sunday is the first day of the week (Mat 28: 1; Mark 16:1-2; John 20:1 and Luke 24:1).
My appeal to the pastors, priests and bishops of Sunday churches, please tell your congregations that the seventh day, Sabbath, is the true day of worship.

Dafo – Telefomin

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