Supervision in investigations needed: Gerari


NORTHERN provincial police commander Chief Inspector Lincoln Gerari says no proper supervision in investigations have resulted in lack of convictions of major crimes over the years.
In response to concerns raised by citizens and public servants about the lack of convictions, Gerari told The National that he was aware of the issue.
“When I first arrived in the province last year, I was informed of the problems and the files of those major crimes were given to me,” Gerari said.
“I understand that there was no proper supervision of the investigations into these major crimes between the PPC, criminal investigation division and the police station commander at that time.
“Due to the nature of some of the cases which involved some of the police officers, I have since transferred those files to the Assistant Commissioner of Police Crimes Victor Ihove.”
Senior public servant and Northern resident Tony Manuda raised concerns that major crimes were committed over the past few years but there had been very few convictions.
He said the recent break and enter of the treasury office and stealing of two computers containing important confidential documents was a cause for concern.
Manuda said there were cases such as a murder at Jonita village allegedly of a Highlands man, the double murder of two brothers from Dobuduru village, the murder of a woman at Auga village allegedly by a police officer, the robbery at the Papindo store and many more.
“Police need to step up in terms of their ability to properly investigate crimes or they could be lacking certain resources to enable them to do their job,” he said.
“If crimes are left unsolved this means the institutions (criminal justice system) entrusted to carry out this function is failing to deliver.
“The reasons for this must be established properly.”

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