Supervisors needed to monitor RMOs


RESIDENTIAL medical officers (RMO) are posted to hospitals across the county based on the availability of supervisors at respective locations, according to School of Medicine and Health Sciences executive dean Professor Nakapi Tefuarani.
Tefuarani said this was to ensure that officers received optimal training during their two-year posting.
He was responding to questions from The National on the majority of RMOs being posted to urban centres in comparison to rural hospitals.
“Our RMOs have provisional licence so where they are posted to go but there must be a supervisor who is qualified and also a specialist who has got the qualifications to oversee them all the time because accidents can happen and if accidents do happen, they are protected by the specialist on the ground,” Tefuarani said.
“Not all hospitals can have supervisors to oversee the officers and we want them to train for the standard that is needed after two years.
“It depends on what the hospital can offer so the medical board, which is looking after them, ensures that the doctor who supervises them is qualified and has got a good reputation and able to teach as well. Every time they do a procedure, they sign off with the supervisor.
“In Port Moresby, a lot of those are here and we have the bulk of RMOs here. It is about meeting requirements and maintaining standards and that is the basis of the spread.
“Right now they are on provisional licences and if they don’t follow the steps, it may take more than two years before attaining the fully qualified licence.”

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