Support gender campaign: UN


UNITED Nations women’s consultant Vilupti Lok Barrineau has urged men in Port Moresby to support the Sanap Wantaim campaign.
Barrineau said men needed to work with women to make the city safe for women and girls.
“What we want men to do is to stop harassing us in public but support in making women and girls feel safe,” she said.
“You may think that you are being polite or making a joke to make a girl feel pretty but actually you are really scaring us.
“The way we dress is not something that is harmful but we are just expressing our personality and we are not asking for anything if we wear a skirt or look pretty, we are just being ourselves.
“So the nicest thing you should do is give us a nice smile and say good morning to us.”
Barrineau said men needed to watch out for their brothers or fathers harassing young girls and tell them to stop.

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