Support for Kutubu probe


IN reference to Wame Kama’ae’s letter (The National, Sept 7) ‘Kutubu SPA enquiry sought’, the Kutubu Special Purposes Authority remains a government agency for the purpose of executing the decentralisation policy of the national government.
Unfortunately, the authority was overtaken by a group of people who continue to unduly associate themselves with landowners and are using the latter’s mandate to lug the authority around in Port Moresby as if it’s a landowner association.
A situation like this shows that there are people out there who think that they can easily interfere with government policies and mechanisms and in the act, unlawfully disrupt the flow of goods and services to deserving rural populations.
This is a criminal act as it is unfair and is repugnant to the rules of running a Special Purpose Authority and the true intent of the decentralisation policy and any other laws and acts giving rise to or underlying the policy.
So in support of the above mentioned writer, an investigation must be conducted into the operation of the authority’s businesses.

Gubaro Yahua

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