More support needed to prepare for B’ville referendum: Lera


MORE resources, logistics and financial support must be provided to Bougainville to prepare for the 2019 referendum, says Regional MP Joe Lera.
Lera said to fulfil the three conditions of the Bougainville peace agreement, the government and leaders must work together with the people.
He welcomed the new structure of community governments initiated by the Autonomous Bougainville Government.
He said the new structure was a bottom-up approach which would have a positive impact on the referendum process.
Lera said the community governments must be given adequate resources and funding support.
“We must support and work alongside our community governments because they are the government agency that knows the real issues affecting the people at the village,” Lera said.
He will be consulting groups such as youths, women, churches, veterans and donor partners to shares views on how best to prepare Bougainville for referendum.
Lera will be working with the community government and support them in implementing the Bougainville peace agreement and improving basic government services to help people in the rural areas.

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