Surrender firearms: Marape

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MINISTER for Finance and Tari-Pori MP James Marape (pictured) is appealing for the surrender of all firearms and an end to outstanding tribal conflicts in the face of a possible call out of military and police to help resolve lawlessness in his district and other parts of Hela.
Marape made the call during the 41st Independence anniversary programme for his district at Andaija Oval in Tari.
Instead of the usual the traditional dancing and games and public speeches, Tari district opted to allow churches to lead in singing and worshiping God, emphasising on peace during the Independence celebrations.
In his sermon at the celebrations, Pr Aki Pawa of Pacific Adventist University preached that just like Abel’s “blood cried to God” when he was murdered, those who continued to murder in Hela would be cursed just like Cain because life belonged to God, the Creator.
He mentioned that just like Japan that “submitted” to education and economy after its defeat during World War II in 1945, Hela must move away from tribal fights and into education and business.
Marape announced a possibility of a national government policy on guns eradication programme including amnesty for those who surrendered guns.
“In this period of amnesty that NEC will announce, I appeal to all Hela politicians at all levels, all businessmen, women and well-to-do people and those tribal warlords who have guns.
“The National Intelligence Organisation has submitted a report on who has guns in Hela so tender them in during the soon coming amnesty period because I will request a special police operation to clean Tari and Hela of guns and warlords after the amnesty period.”
In the meantime Tari Pori district is assembling a team of inter-denominational pastors under the United Church Young Ambassador for Peace programme to start resolving existing tribal conflicts with assistance from village elders, youth leaders, and peace and good order committees.
“Peace must take precedence in Hela now if you want development, without peace development will be haphazard,” Marape concluded.

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