Survey to be conducted to confirm land boundaries


A SURVEY is to be conducted on the Vunakabi plantation in Gazelle district to confirm the land boundary given to the East New Britain provincial government by its former owner.
The plantation is now occupied by the resettled people of Tavana and Valaur wards from the Balanataman LLG of Rabaul District, following the 1994 volcanic disaster.
Gazelle MP Malakai Tabar was part of a team which visited the area last Friday to discuss the land boundary dispute by locals.
He said the survey would be done to find out if the boundaries had been moved, and to confirm the original coordinates given by the bank. Anyone disputing it can take the matter to court.
Tabar warned that no one should disturb the survey conducted by lands officers from Rabaul and Gazelle, or the resettled families at the Vunakabi plantation.
Government legal officer Matalau Nakikus who lives there said the estate was under mortgage by the bank.
He said the bank had the title which was given to the East New Britain government when it bought the plantation.
He also wants the provincial government to assure the resettled people their safety as they want to live in peace with the local communities.

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