Suspect urged to surrender


POLICE in Central are appealing to a suspect involved in a killing incident last Sunday to surrender.
Acting commander Andrew Tovere said the suspect, who was in his mid-20s and from Manumu village in the Hiri-West district of Central, allegedly stabbed Magege Ivisi with a knife resulting in his death.
“I would like to appeal to the families and relatives of the suspect who is at large to assist police in providing statements for report and to surrender the suspect,” Tovere said.
He said the deceased was in the company of two others and the suspect when the incident occurred.
He said an argument began from an adultery case between the suspect’s wife and a man accompanying him.
Tovere said the adultery issue had already been sorted out in June but the suspect brought it up again when he saw the man.
Police alleged that the suspect was armed with a bush knife and was intoxicated when he tried to attack the man.
A man who was trying to prevent the attack, tried to remove the knife form the attacker but was stabbed on the right shoulder.
When the deceased saw that, he ran in to assist but was stabbed by the suspect on his lower left hip and died on the spot.
The family of the deceased retaliated and burned two houses belonging to the suspect’s families.
The body of the deceased who was an elementary school teacher, is in the morgue at Port Moresby General Hospital.
Meanwhile, Tovere said they arrested a man who allegedly raped a 10-year-old girl on Sept 13.
Nathan Nokoa was alleged to lure the girl with money and raped her.
He was caught by the victim’s family and was taken to police and charged with a count of sexual penetration.

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