Suspects in court over robbery case


FOUR men accused of robbing a trading store of K20,000 last month appeared for mention in the Vanimo District Court yesterday.
Charles Bilo, 30, is from Woginara village, Wewak district in East Sepik, while the other three are from West Sepik.
The three are Eugene Bia, 27, from Arop village , Aitape district, Rueben Weda, 27, Waramo village, Vanimo district, and Bradley Bia, 24, also from Waramo village.
All are being held at Vanimo Prison and are to return to the same court on Dec 1.
Three other suspects are still at large.
Provincial police commander Supt Robert Gesa said an Indonesian trader was shot in the leg when he put up a struggle in the Oct 23 incident.
He said criminal activities in the area normally involved drugs and arms smuggling.
“It was the first armed robbery in the province,” he said.
“Now we have to be mindful and be wary of armed robberies.”
Gesa said the robbers were neatly dressed and had stopped a vehicle owned by a hire car company to ask for a lift to a church in Pasi.
Shortly after, they tied the driver up and left him behind among some bushes.
The vehicle was later found at Waromo village.
Gesa said the alleged robbers were armed with airguns which were probably brought across from Jayapura.

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