Suspicious religious group seem to pray on young women, mothers


THERE is certain religious group that has taken its followers of young women and single mothers and other vulnerable women for regular so-called prayer meetings on the hills around Port Moresby at odd hours of the night.
When there was an attack on some of these women by criminals at Gerehu a few years ago, the pattern of the religion changed slightly and the so-called prayer meetings that were using the hills around Kila Kila changed to the pastor’s residence.
Some of their regular religious prayer meetings are from 7pm to 3am.
The children of these single mothers are left to fend for themselves.
Their school children often miss classes.
Most of these children are disorientated in their conduct and
have become rebellious in their nature.
These followers have been invited to a be affiliated with to the U-Vistract and King of Palapa money schemes and are promised that they will become instant millionaires.
The teachings are more of a religious cult.
I appeal to authorities to investigate this certain religious following.
I also appeal to the National Government to tighten the parameters of what constitutes a religion.
These so-called religious groups should be registered with the Investment Promotion Authority (IPA) and must have a recognised neutral council that overseeing its affairs and declare all monies, earnings and profits to Internal Revenue Commission (IRC) and pay necessary taxes where applicable.
In that way, people with shady characters do not use religion to run shady businesses, claim parcels of lands, evade paying taxes and run religious cults.

Anti-Corruption, Via email

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