Swearing cost man K100, warning


A MAN who swore at his former sister-in-law and was fined K100 was told that there were proper ways to solve problems when in anger rather than going to court.
Boroko District Court Magistrate Mariestella Painap yesterday told Ernest Haurama, from Pokina village in Yule Island, Central, that going to court, instead of controlling his temper, was a waste of time.
Haurama was charged with using offensive words to his former sister-in law in June.
The court found Haurama guilty of using the triple K expression to Roselyn Lalatute.
Haurama admitted that he had sworn back at Lalatute for interfering in his quarrel with his de-facto wife Serah Lalatute on June 31 at Niue Street at Tokarara, Port Moresby.
Haurama in his allocutus said he was a first-time offender and apologised to the court and also asked for leniency.
Magistrate Painap told Haurama that coming to court to settle a problem was “a very costly exercise and it was a waste of time for a young man” like him.
Magistrate Painap told Haurama that the arrest process was different, bail process was different and court process was a different process and it took up quite some time.
“You are still a young man and by coming to court you have learnt your lesson.” Magistrate Painap told Haurama.
Magistrate Painap ordered Haurama to pay a fine of K100 to the court and warned him to keep in mind the consequences of going to court.
Magistrate Painap also warned him to try to keep peace in his mind.

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