Tabali urges youths to work with police


EAST New Britain senior police inspector Joseph Tabali has appealed to youths in the Takubar area of Kokopo town to allow leaders and police to find a peaceful resolution to their grievances.
The acting provincial police commander made the call after he was approached by Kokopo mayor Diuvia Kopman to conduct mediation with local leaders in the area.
Tabali said two groups of youths from inland Takubar and those along the coastal area should refrain from fighting with each other as police would be monitoring the area.
This follows continued conflict between the two groups.
Tabali warned that if anyone was found carrying a weapon such as grass knife in public would be arrested and charged by police.
He further urged the youths of Takubar to respect the rule of law and not to take the law into their own hands.
He said local leaders and police must be allowed to conduct restorative justice at the ward level to resolve the issues to enable a harmonious community to live in.

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