Tabar: Cult not key to success


GAZELLE MP Malakai Tabar has told a group of students in East New Britain that cult practices do not result in success.
“There are students practising cult in schools,” he said.
“There are children at home for the holidays practising cult. It has become part of their lives.”
Tabar said it was crucial for parents to improve their home management skills by closely supervising their children during holidays.
“Keep them away from bad influence by spending quality time with them,” he said. Tabar said children practising cult were mostly from George Brown High School and the secondary schools at Malaguna Technical, Utmei, Malabunga and Kokopo.
He said church leaders serving in rural areas had noticed signs of cult practices among students.
“It is no longer him or her walking around but a spiritual being,” he said.
“I am appealing to those students who are practicing cult to stop.
“It will bring nothing good.
“Many students who have dropped out of formal education and are now at home are still practising cult.
“Cult is not the key to success. You need to see yourself as an important person in the community and be productive in all the good ways.”
Tabar said children were vulnerable and needed guidance from parents daily.
“Girls and boys spend most of their time using smart phones and gadgets that can expose them to many negative things.
“They do house chores while on Facebook.”

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