Taekwondo dogged by a lack of good governance


TAEKWONDO Papua New Guinea’s lack of good governance over a prolonged period was the cause of its suspension by the PNG Olympic Committee earlier this week.
The committee clarified that the taekwondo federation was suspended previously  on two occassions because of similar administrative failures by the people charged with managing and guiding the sport – its executive. One of the areas of non-compliance with PNGOC constitutional requirements in accordance with Clause 7(e) was the failure to furnish the committee with minutes of its annual general meeting, and a copy of its annual report and audited financial statements, no later than six months after the end of its financial year.
The other reason for Taekwondo PNG’s suspension was the federation ceased being legally constituted body to govern the sport because it did not have a functioning executive following the resignation of its core executives over a two year period.
President of the PNG Olympic Committee Sir John Dawanincura said a meeting was vital as soon as possible to elect new executives, and the gathering was scheduled to be held on Nov 5 at the PNGOC office in Port Moresby with all Taekwondo PNG affiliates notified.
Dawanincura also emphasised on the importance of an election in the meeting as the appointment of core executives would serve the interest of the code moving forwardas taekwondo had achieved something by having two athletes compete at the Rio Olympics earlier year. He said the federation needed elect  the right people to become the core executives as accountability and transparency in administration of a federations played a vital role.
Attempts to contact former Taekwondo PNG president Peter Miria and national coach Edward Kassman for comment were unsuccessful.

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