You talk the talk, now walk the walk


That Kelly Naru transformed Lae pothole city into Lae cement city is not from a true Morobean but a foreigner who has nothing good to contribute towards the public interest but shallow-minded comments.
Such people ride the waves of extravaganza and stand around the potholes. hoping that miracle would happen.
For Mark Talipa’s information, Naru has nothing tangible and sustainable to show. In other words, he reigned in a wasteful five years at the mercy of vast majority of indigenous Morobean people in the nine districts.
Look at Morobe tutumang. How many indigenous Morobeans are employed there? Then the provincial education FODE tutorial roll-out programme where good money belonging to the Morobean people was pumped into nine districts yet to receive their FODE tutorial services.
In fact, Kabwum district paid K20,000 in hard cash but nothing was done. Parents are still waiting for their refund.
What is happening to the Bulolo-Menyamya Highway? Siassi is back to the stone-age. Payback killing in Fisika region is prevalent due to lack of government presence. Main health centres in rural Morobe are running down.
Talipa, if you were born 20 years after independence, I pardon you, because you missed out on how much Sir Michael Somare and Pangu Party did for Morobe and PNG, denying this Murik heritage.
Talipa, you, me and the younger generation owe this old man thousands. You don’t just get to media and talk about things you have no knowledge of.
I believe you have a big problem at your home. This is because those who have problems have nothing to talk about but have all hours to talk nonsense about other good people.

Nicky Raka,

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