Talking about suicide is most obvious, serious sign

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How can you tell if someone is contemplating suicide?
Threatening or talking about suicide is the most obvious and serious sign. Most people who do commit suicide have told someone about their intentions ahead of time.
People with suicidal thoughts often feel hopeless.
They may be unable to look forward to the future, and may feel powerless to change their own situation.
They may have unbearable negative feelings such as depression, sadness or loneliness. You may notice changes in someone’s mood and behaviour, or withdrawal from regular activities or social groups.
These signs don’t necessarily mean that someone is suicidal, but they could indicate that they need help with a mental health issue.
If you are concerned that someone you know may be suicidal, take the following three steps:
1. Have a conversation about it
Don’t be afraid to ask directly. One conversation can save someone’s life.
Make time to talk privately and start by asking how things are going. You may not know what to say, but simply listening is important.
2. Make sure they are not left alone
If you know someone intends to commit suicide, stay with them or find someone else who can. If there are any obvious means of suicide available (such as pills or even car keys) gently remove them.
It was my intention for us to be educated on the various levels of these emotions that our delicate mind goes into.
We must encourage one another when one member goes through a beaten road.
Believe in your strength and our  Lord will show us the compassion that our loved ones deserve.
Dr. Uma Ambi
Principal Adviser Mental Health Services  C/o P.O Box 8, Boroko
May/June 2017

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