Talks on airstrip underway


HELA Governor Francis Potape says they are discussing with ExxonMobil, the operator of the PNG LNG project, to ensure that the Komo airfield in Hela can accommodate commercial flights.
Potape told The National yesterday that ExxonMobil had agreed to make Komo airfield become a commercial airport for Hela.
He said ExxonMobil would also support the provincial government in addressing law and order problems in some parts of the province.
“They want to support us in terms of assisting with logistics and office equipment like computers,” he said.
“They also said to make Komo airport operational for the public and not for the project alone. They will allow the public to use the terminal as well. The Fokker-100 (aircraft) can start flying into Komo which will make airfares a bit cheaper for our people. Currently, from Port Moresby to Tari, is more than a K1000 for one way.”
A spokesperson for ExxonMobil said they has signed an agreement last February with the National Airports Corporation to start discussions with commercial airlines on access to the Komo airfield.

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