Tambul thanks ADB for road project


PEOPLE in Tambul, Western Highlands, and Upper Mendi in Southern Highlands are thankful to the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for funding a road project that will benefit them for years.
The villagers also thanked the  Government for its counterpart funding which enabled the reopening of the Mendi-Tambul road.
A vegetable farmer from Tambul, Joseph Nenta, said yesterday that in the past he used to pay other people to carry his bags of vegetables to the main road to catch a PMV to the Mt Hagen main market.
He said that many other farmers who had been growing vegetables like broccoli, cabbages, carrots and potatoes without fertilizers gave up because the road was closed.
Nenta said that since the road was re-opened in August, many vehicles were passing through his village carrying passengers and fresh produce from the gardens on a daily basis and life was a lot easier now.
“I see many of my people are going back to their land and start making new gardens to plant vegetables.”
Nenta said that some few people have built trade stores along the new road.
“It’s very interesting to see new markets beside the new road to serve the travelling public.”

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