Tanga people must vote for change


THIS letter is in response to the letter by John Bosco of New Ireland.
The writer seems to be in a dream world as he keeps on promoting the New Ireland Governor but the fact is that the people of Tanga Island have no jetties, no airstrip, no communication, no proper infrastructure in our LLG station and the list goes on.
Tanir High School is funded by the Newcrest tax credit scheme so where is your evidence after 45 years of political power by the governor and the son.
Secondly, I congratulate John Bosco on being so defensive of the governor.
It is clear you depend on him for your survival so good on you.
I am a Tanga Komgui(chief) and the letter from Ogi Sang Kife kemem (The National, March 15) represents our stand as Tangans and we are now the majority for change in the June general elections.
Our Tanga Development Forum in December 2016 with the theme “One Mind, One Tanga” should educate the writer that our Tanga elites are meaningfully engaging with us to have one mind for our developmental needs and benefits and we don’t need your lectures.
By the way, the only services we are receiving on Tanga Island are from the small trade store owners who sacrifice their lives to transport goods to the island despite Vanmak shipping playing politics with us.
It’s time for John Bosco to come back to reality because you can’t speak for us, Tangans. For your benefit, Ogi Sang kife kemem has big impact and brought services to Tanga without the governor’s support. Come to Tanga and see his achievements.

Bruno Matson
Tanga Island, NIP

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