Tarapia introduces new form of karate


KARATE-Do Shitoryo is a style of karate that is being introduced into the country by PNG’s first licensed World Shitoryo referee and judge, John Tarapia.
Tarapia was awarded his licence in June last year by the Philippines Karate-do League (PKL) after attending a referees and coaches seminar at Muntinlupe City.
Tarapia is also the first national to receive a black belt (dan) in Karate-do Shitoryo and he is also recognised by PKL organising committee chairman Dennis Aquino
Tarapia told The National that he was now instructing more than 60 students in Lae the art of Karate-Do Shitoryo. “I thank PKL for recognising me as an instructor and a licensed referee and judge therefore I am trying to promote Karate Do-Shitoryo to this nation,” he said.
He said there were many other styles of karate being practiced in the country, however, Karate-Do Shitoryo could also make its way among them.
“Currently I am also providing assistance to team Morobe Karate by advising them on some skills and techniques that can be used during PNG games next year. Tarapia also made an appeal to all sporting codes in the country to send players and coaches overseas to places where a certain sports originated from.

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