Tari people told to build own city


KOMO-Magarima MP and acting Governor Francis Potape is urging the people of Hela to build their own city in Tari instead of squatting in Port Moresby.
Potape said “Most Hela people go to Port Moresby and end up in settlements.”
He said this during the launching of the call-out operation in Tari on Monday.
Potape told the people they have land to establish their city in Hela.
He encouraged the people to start doing so with the surrendering of firearms.
“All guns must be surrendered.
“Where Hela goes from here depends on this call-out operation.
“This must also be the last call-out.
“It (operation) will either break or make Hela.
“All leaders, we have to work together,” he said.
According to Potape, there was a huge turnout from local communities and MPs including heads of the disciplined forces in Tari on Monday.

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