Taxi driver all for home side


THE U20 women’s soccer World Cup in Papua New Guinea has got people from all walks of life wondering and pondering.
Taxi driver Thomas Bonny is no exception.
Bonny, from Togoba, Western Highlands, drives to survive.
Rugby league is predominant in the rural setting where Bonny comes from, but he strongly believes that there is a lot of money in football.
He told The National that he supported the PNG U20 women’s soccer team.
Bonny said he heard and read a lot from detractors who posted negative things about the PNG U20 women after their losses to Brazil and Sweden.
He said that the local team were fortunate to play in the World Cup because the country hosted it and Papua New Guineans should rally behind their team.
“We all have to support PNG comepting at a high level competition, a World,” Bonny said.
“It is not a regular sports championship.
“There was a lot of talk on government wasting money to sponsor the team but people and football fans have to remember the girls are playing in the World Cup and it should be a moment of national pride.”
He said a lot of people who made negative comments were not familiar with World Cup events.

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