Teach culture in schools, says Homoko


THE Southern Highlands Culture and Tourism Bureau is calling on the provincial government to introduce culture into the school curriculum.
Chairman Ivan Homoko said it was sad to see children not knowing about their culture.
Homoko has travelled the world promoting Huli culture in over the past 37 years.
He said Enga, which had introduced culture as a subject into its curriculum, had set an example other provinces  should follow.
Western Highlands Governor Paias Wingti recently made an undertaking to follow Enga.
“I urge other provinces to do the same,” Homoko said.
He said there must be a balance between foreign and traditional culture.
“We can’t just readily adopt Western culture and forget about our own,” he said.
“Culture is a blessing  with untapped potential.”
He urged people to do away with sorcery, payback killings and practices detrimental to other people.
Homoko said young people were lured by Western culture and were forgetting about their own.
“What worries me much is many young children in towns and cities can’t speak their own local dialect,” he said.

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