Teacher warns government over chaotic school year


The Government has been warned of confusion and chaotic situations in schools throughout the country at the beginning of the next school year resulting from 2016 Education Gazette not being printed.
Headmaster of North Mendi Primary School in Southern Highlands, Yapus Yawaye issued the warning following the delay in printing of the 2016 gazette.
Yawaye said if the gazette was not printed, there would be confusion and delays resulting in many teachers not taking up postings affecting teaching and learning.
He said there was no gazette last year and this year’s was yet to be printed due to funding problems.
Yawaye called on the PNG Teachers’ Association (PNGTA) national executive to move swiftly to liaise with the Education Department and Teaching Services Commission (TSC) to print the 2016 gazette as a matter of priority.
“It is very important that teachers know of their positions, appointments and related information to be in their respective schools prior to start of 2017 school year.
“PNGTA should get its acts together and do something for union members and pressure relevant state agencies to do their jobs instead of remaining idle when there are serious issues at hand.
“It (PNGTA) should seriously consider meeting the cost of the printing and get reimbursement when funds became available.”
As practised in the past, the Education Gazette comes out in June, with names sorted out by October and in November provinces were informed.
By December notices went out to schools informing affected teachers of their tenure, appointments and postings prior to the beginning of the next school year.
He said the department and TSC were handicapped by funding difficulties despite their genuine efforts to get the gazette printed.

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