Teachers in Aitape learn to manage student’s behaviour


TEACHERS from Government and Catholic run schools in Aitape, West Sepik, were taught on how to better manage student behaviour during a one-day workshop organised by La Salle Brotherhood, at the Saint Ignatius Secondary School last Friday.
About 50 participants, mainly primary and secondary school teachers, attended the one-day student behaviour management workshop to get tips on how to deal with student’s behaviour in school from a religious perspective. It was found that certain things that some teachers did or said to their students had an influence in changing the children’s behaviour to become either good or bad towards the teacher and the school.
Workshop coordinator Maureen Waeda said in order for the students to be respectful, teachers’ needed to find out from their students what they were really like.
“Students come to school with problems. A better way to understand them is to come up with closed-ended questionnaires and give to the child to complete,” she said.
“Seeing his or her answers will help teachers understand and know what causes the student to behave in such a way that he or she does in school.”
The participants were also told to be mindful of the kind of advice or words they use to their students, as it has an impact of influencing and changing the child’s behaviour.
“Never ‘class’ your student. Treat everyone equally.”
She said although there are challenges and trials, teachers must know that the five days of a week they spent with the students in the classroom is very important which can have an impact on a child’s behaviour.
They can become more respectful and score better grades.

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