Teachers challenged


I AGREE with ‘Concerned Citizen’ of NCD’s letter on the recruitment of qualified teachers.
From what I have heard, seen and even experienced, there are four parties involved: parents (5 per cent); students (10 per cent); teachers(35 per cent) and administration of the institution in which a teacher last graduated (50 per cent).
I want to emphasise on the third and fourth points because I have experienced this as a student.
There are some smart teaching institution staff who are entertaining what is call “under the table deal” and “whom you know”.
To be blunt it’s “bribery”.
Before student’s recruitment-enrolment, these staff already have something in their pockets.
Your GPA marks may be good enough to secure HECAS, but for no good reason, you will be asked to apply as non-school leavers.
In this case, students and parents are also to be blamed, maybe partly.
The teachers should be the ones to think critically as most of the hours in the days of the year, kids are there in the class with them.

Mangi blong ples
South Coast

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