Teachers’ college marks day


Emotions ran high as 23 teachers and 413 students from the Enga Teachers College celebrated International Teacher’s Day on Friday.
Students performed entertaining dramas, read poems and performed dances and teachers shared their experiences which brought out a lot of emotion.
Speeches touched on the important roles teachers play in shaping the world and the challenges they face.
College founding principal Michael Homingu said without teachers, the world would be dumb.
“Without a teacher, a community, district, province, country and the whole world is dumb,” he said.
Teachers should be respected and recognised from the village level to the national level, Homingu said.
He urged teachers and upcoming teachers  to give their best because they had decided to join a noble profession which determined the future of the world.
The celebration continued on Saturday and Jimi MP and Vice-Minister for Works and Implementation Goi and journalists who visited the school participated in the event.
Goi said without teachers, there would be no doctors, lawyers, MPs or any  professionals.
“I take my hats off to teachers throughout the country who never give up in educating young minds of this beautiful nation,” Goi said.

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