Teachers deserve better, dept needs to address issues


THE service delivery at Education Department headquarters and salary section and needs drastic improvement to serve teachers better.
Currently, the services are too poor.
In order to have fully committed teachers in the classroom, the system must change for the betterment of all stakeholders.
Remove computer illiterate and poorly groomed persons and get in people who are very competent.
And could meet deadlines by performing their job well and keep up with the latest technology systems.
Technology is here, use it.
The salary system is computer technology generated but why do teachers have to keep on complaining about their salaries year in and year out?
Likewise, the Education hierarchy must get it into their heads that, teachers will continue to front up at FinCorp Haus, Waigani, no matter what they say.
This is because the system currently operating and persons paid to do their jobs do not perform to the expectations of the many teachers in the country who are facing salary and related problems.
The problems that need to be rectified immediately are:

  • Put all new graduate teachers on the payroll.
  • reinstate teachers who are off the payroll.
  • many teachers are still underpaid.
  • multi grade queries have never been properly screened and paid.
  • reduce of government taxes for teachers.
  • increase teachers’ pay as service costs in the country are sky rocketing; and,
  • Higher duty allowance to be paid fortnightly at the beginning of each teaching year.

PNG is going through rapid changes but nothing to show for the teachers.
I hope that next year brings more logical thinking and the department will walk the talk in serving our poor teachers.

Pensil Rabba

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