Teachers deserve so much better


TEACHERS throughout the country are in the darkness regarding the promised three per cent PBSS salary increment for 2017.
The Government and the TSC made an agreement to increase teachers’ salaries and this needs to be addressed soon.
Now and again those responsible to care for the teacher’s welfare are torturing them.
There has to be a mechanism put in place to monitor and address issues affecting the welfare and wellbeing of teachers.
This salary increment mentioned must be paid up before the election period is over.
Teachers are the most important people because, they educate
the human resource who will in turn run the country for years to come.
Without educated people at every levels in all walks of life then, a country cannot be where it is today.
Even today teachers are going off the payroll for no good reasons.
Teachers around the country are continuing to suffer in silence as a result slackness in the kind of work we occupy.
For the sake of serving others but, we did not live up to that expectation as expected.
Respect must be shown to the people on the field.
Responsible authorities are not up to their responsibilities and roles, what a shame.
And please get rid of PNG Teachers Association now it’s malfunctioning.

Broken Ruler

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