Teachers to get paid


TEACHING Service Commission chairman Baran Sori says allowances for teachers posted in remote areas will be paid according to the remoteness of schools.
Sori said the commission had been working with the National Economic and Fiscal Commission to determine the remoteness of schools. It was presented to the Department of Personnel Management. He said it was unfair to have a fixed amount for all schools in remote areas.
The schools have been classified as moderate, remote, very remote and extremely remote.
This is one the 13 recommendations Cabinet had approved from the Ganim Report which investigated issues regarding teachers on administration, salary entitlements and leave fares. He said the Ganim Report on education was commissioned by Parliament in 2014 and approved by Cabinet in 2015. But it came after the 2015 budget estimation.
Sori told The National that the Government had allocated more than K40 million to implement the recommendations over a period of five years.
Sori said the Department of Finance had agreed to release funds for next year but the amount depended on what the Government could afford.
The recommendations include:

  • Implementing of TSC inspectors positions to address teachers’ grievances, which Simbu and Enga are currently piloting and,
  • Development of database information for teachers’ leave fare which will be used in provinces to avoid fraudulent claims.

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