Some teachers lack quality: Maru

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TRADE, Commerce and Industry Minister Richard Maru says some teachers colleges in the country are producing “junk teachers”.
Maru told a big crowd last Friday during the fourth graduation of Enga Teachers College that many of these colleges produced paper teachers.
He said there were two groups of teachers in the country, one group that committed themselves to educate the young generation and the other that did not do their jobs well but only waited for their pay.
“I am sick and tired of seeing teachers not performing their duties and not turning up for classes.”
He said in his Yangoru-Saussia electorate in East Sepik, he continued to build school infrastructure but quality education was not delivered in the schools.
Maru said this was because teachers did not have pride in their job.
“Every teacher must remember that their students in the class are competing with thousands in the country for limited spaces in colleges and universities.”
He said there was a big competition and teachers must try their best to impart quality education.
Maru said during the 1970s and 1980s, many went to national high schools and completed Grade 12 and entered universities and colleges because there were not many schools, no competition and there were many job opportunities.
He said this is not the case today and only the best continued their education in colleges and universities.
He commended Enga Teachers College for producing the best teachers in the country both in primary and elementary education.
“I will sponsor some of my students to enrol at Enga Teachers College next year,” Maru said.

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