Some teachers stay away from Highlands schools


Some teachers in the Highlands have not been teaching at their posted schools due to election-relation issues, according to Education Minister Nick Kuman.
“Election-related issues have prevented teachers from returning to their schools,” he said
“Earlier, before they (teachers and Education division staff) were urged not participate in the national election.
“In a lot of provinces our education system has slackened off and now the teachers are participating.
“But we will deal with that case by case and probably province by province. I’m sure that the secondary and Teaching Service Commission will look into that properly.
“I heard that some teachers’ appointment in some schools have been removed because of some political connection and stuff.
“These are many issues the department and the Teaching Service Commission will deal with.”
Kuman said that had also affected some Grade 8, 10 and 12 students in Enga, Chimbu and Southern Highlands.
“But Grade 12s (who did not meet the required classroom hours), I’m sorry but they will have to repeat.
“For Grade 10s, we are talking to administration of the provinces affected that they can use the internal assessment to process the students into doing Grade 11 and Grade 9s respectively but Grade 12 – they have to sit for the last bit of the curriculum requirements so in other words they have to do Grade 12s again. Now two schools in Chimbu, one in Enga  and two or three in Southern Highlands have closed.”

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