Teachers urged to use time wisely

Youth & Careers

A BUSINESSMAN has urged teachers in Southern Highlands to manage time wisely in productive and worthwhile activities.
Rickson Apanda said absenteeism, doing private jobs during office hours, drinking, gambling and involving in illegal activities were examples of wasting valuable office time.
“As teachers, you have very important roles in educating the nation’s future workforce, leaders and entrepreneurs. Use the time taxpayers pay you in useful teaching and learning activities,” he said.
“If you cheat and are paid dishonestly, the money you get will not last long with you because it won’t be blessing, but a curse.”
Apanda addressed teachers during the World Teachers Day celebrations at the North Mendi Primary School last Friday.
Apanda used to live on the street when he was young but managed to become an elementary school teacher and later businessman.
He said it all came down to hard work and commitment.

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