Teachers warn of cheating


TEACHERS supervising Grade 10 examinations in Madang have been warned against helping students to cheat.
Provincial education director Moses Sariki yesterday said more than 4000 Grade 10 students in the province would sit the examinations from today.
Sariki said the issue of cheating was a concern for the Education Department over the years andwanted to make sure Madang was clean.
He said they were trying their best to make sure there were no problems faced by examination supervisors at the 11th hour.
“We don’t want to find out that exam papers are missing or there is cheating somewhere because the department is very concerned about these things,” Sariki said.
He said the same messages applied to teachers who supervised the Grades 12 and 8 examinations.
Sariki said four new schools would help on issues of space problems for this year’s Grade 8 students.
The schools were Anul High on Karkar Island and Simbai Primary in Simbai, Middle Ramu.
Sariki said Saidor and Megiar Catholic Primary were upgraded into high school and registered to start enrolment for their first Grade 9 intakes next year.
Sariki said space problems were likely to be faced by 12s next  year.

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