Teaching commission given a week to discuss deal


THE Papua New Guinea Teachers’ Association is giving the Teaching Service Commission seven days to communicate the government’s decision on public service pay matrix so that an agreement can be signed between PNGTA and the commission.
Speaking during a conference yesterday, general secretary Ugwailubu Mowana said PNGTA had been waiting response from the government following the log of claim submitted in April which would expire on Dec 31.
“PNGTA is happy with the current negotiations with TSC but wanted to conclude the talks on the salary matrix so that the agreement can be signed to regulate teachers’ salaries in teaching service,” Mowana said
He said the association submitted claim in April and the negotiations had been positive but it is kept in suspense. “The union is aware that the national executive council has made some decisions on the pay policy matrix in the public sector and therefore the onus is on TSC and other related agencies to ensure that an agreement is reached within the spirit of collective bargaining in the teaching service,” Mowana said.
He said PNGTA had made the claim with an understanding that the Government had been positive of education sector funding.
“The association commends the national government on its passionate approach to funding public education as future investment for our country,” Mowana said.
“PNGTA salutes the Government as teachers’ salaries were prorated almost 108 per cent in total over the last six years.
“We recognised the difficult times our country is going through and we declare to stand with the government or any incoming government to ensure that the economy improves and funding in public education remain a priority for any government recurrent budgets.”
Attempts to get comments from the chairman of the Teaching Service Commission Baran Sori were unsuccessful.

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