Teaching commission needs to address issues


ALLOW me space in your Opinion column to air my frustration on the plight of teachers in Jiwaka.
The Teaching Service Commission (TSC) and the Jiwaka provincial education division (PED) are yet to fully honour their commitments.
TSC boasts about honouring its Salary Agreement of 2014- 2016 (The National, Monday 9 May, 2016) but has miserably ignored implementing the RODSS.
The consequences for not actioning the RODSS are drastic: teachers transferred in from other provinces, some serving for three years now, continue receiving their pays from these provinces; teachers performing above their substantive level are not getting paid on the positions they occupy; new graduates from teacher training colleges and universities are affected as they do not receive their pays as yet.
The aftermath of the aforementioned is more severe: their allowance entitlements like Boarding Duty, TIC, Qualification Allowance, to name a few, will be affected in the process because they (allowances) will only be paid to teachers against their current positions – the positions they are now occupying.
And because they have not yet been paid on these new positions, there is no guarantee their entitlements will come forth.
They are going to miss out definitely.
Only heaven knows when they will receive these entitlements because the process in procuring these is often long and difficult.
This may greatly affect the teachers concerned and put more pressure on their punctuality and performances.
Those teachers teaching grades 8, 10 and 12 have absconded from duty.
Others who teach non-examinable grades remain but lose patience and become slow in administering and compiling assessments and not attending to their delegated duties thus drag everything behind schedule.
School heads can neither say nor do much because the problem is beyond their control.
Can TSC tell us what is happening with the RODSS that we filled every term?
We just have the last payday # 25 on Dec 9 remaining before 2016 academic year ends.

Frustrated Tisa

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