Teaching service denies Kikori claims


THE Catholic Education and Teaching Service Commission has denied claims on Facebook about a secondary school in Gulf.
A recent Facebook post said that Kikori Secondary School was having problems with its teaching staff.
“Of the 39 teachers, only 11 are teaching between 400 and 500 students because they have been without pay for the last six to seven months,” the post claimed.
“One teacher takes two classes in the morning and two classes in the afternoon.
“Students from outside Kikori are finding various means to ease the burden.
“Others are withdrawing en masse.”
TSC chairman Baran Sori said: “Kikori Secondary School has 30 approved positions as per the master position register and not 39 as claimed.”
He said there are 18 teachers presently on the payroll, consisting of “14 serving teachers and four new graduates, leaving 12 positions vacant”.
“This means that appropriately trained and qualified teachers have not been appointed to these (vacant) positions by the Gulf provincial education board.”
He said that for teachers to be paid, they need to fill their resumption of duty summary sheet and send them to the payroll office of the education department.
“The onus is on the provincial education adviser to make sure teachers’ documents reach TSC and/or the payroll division of the Department of Education.”
National Catholic education secretary Michael Ova said he and the church’s education authorities in Gulf are not aware of the claims on Facebook.
“I am not aware of this story. Tony Malaisa, the Gulf Catholic education secretary, and Bishop Peter of Kerema are not aware as well,” he said.
“Attempts to get in touch with the local parish priest has been difficult due to network problems.”
Attempts by The National to contact the school for comment have been unsuccessful.

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